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Circling Around Places‘People, places, and the connections in-between.’

From whirling around places to reading through spaces, from photographing pretty features to documenting complex design, from writing about ventures to making sense of the art, from traveling and exploration, to enjoying a good life, ‘Circling Around Places’ is my extremely typical Pakistani blog, for your daily dose of inspiration of architecture, design, art, travel and lifestyle.

About Me:


‘Too much travel, too much variety of impressions, are not good for the young, and cause them as they grow up to become incapable of enduring fruitful monotony.’ – Bertrand Russell

As much as the above quote sounds sad, it’s actually pretty amazing to know how one could be missing out on life through what we consider fruitful monotony (the everyday corporate life). The idea to explore, go far and wide, look for knowledge, live the life, and share what you find with everyone, has been the best realization I have had so far!

Hey there! I’m Amna Abdullah, and I’m the founder of ‘Circling Around Places’. I am a 25 years old architect who loves to travel, write and photograph.



When I got admission in the bachelors of architecture, I literally posted up a Facebook status as ‘Got married to Architecture.’, and trust me, it hasn’t changed a bit. The more I studied, the more I realized how crazy it was, and although architecture and I have had our problems, let’s say we are a happy couple! And then I graduated, and that’s where I realized, I need to pursue it, on a whole new level. The lust for exploration, and the love for architecture, brought me to a point where I want to be an Architectural Journalist, and this blog is the first step to it!

I consider myself ‘A social butterfly who is the Jack of All and Master of None’. I just love too many things, and consequently I do too many things (other than Architecture ofcourse!). I love people. I love places. I am the curious weirdo next door. I love intellectual conversations. I love trying out new things to know how it works. I love reading, and pretending to be one of the characters. I have lived so many lives in those books. I am a die-hard foodie like almost every other Pakistani, but I have to sniff to know if it smells nice or not, or I won’t be putting it in my mouth. I absolutely love makeup and fashion, and my current favourite woman is ‘Shereen Mitwali’. I can stare at an art piece all day. And somehow this list goes on and on.




BUT, one thing I am obsessive about is Traveling. Something I cannot live without. ‘My curious exploring soul’ has the longest lists of things I want to experience, know, feel, watch, touch, etc. When my insignificant self goes out to the world, I grow within, and learn 10 times more than the regular research days that I have. I don’t understand how to keep up with a list though, I can’t seem to get over the places I have been to, they keep adding back to my list. The nostalgia takes me back every time. And also, since my green Pakistani passport is highly underrated (sad life!), and my belonging to my culture is so strong, I have to go around the places again and again, and thus ‘Circling Around Places’ was coined. Yes my dear! I have been circling around places (Like Literally!).  It’s liberating to come out of the comfort zone. As a Pakistani woman that I am who is extremely blessed in this regard; I am actually the biggest supporter of women traveling. I want women to step out in the world by themselves.

I hope this blog inspires you in some way and you can relate to it! Just know that you are my favourite!

Loads of love and hugs.



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